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What Is Video Production?

Video marketing is a great way to give your brand a face and voice and increase the SEO value of your website. Studies show that adding a video on your landing page can help increase your conversion rates by 80%. You can also include videos in your emails to deliver relevant information about your business to your customers quicker.

Videos are an excellent tool that not only helps you build trust and increase member engagement but also adds value to your business. If you need help with the video production process for your health and fitness brand and don’t know where and how to begin, we’re here to help!

According to statistics, 90% of shoppers find videos extremely helpful and instrumental in their purchasing decisions.
Visitors on your website are more likely to take advantage of your services if you’ve provided a high-quality video. They can be a great way to teach your customers about your services and how they can make the most of their fitness journey.
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Get in Touch with Our Team of Experts to Create a Strategic Video Marketing Plan
Why You Should Work With Us

Expect Professional Efficiency

We have years of video making experience working with health and fitness brands. Moreover, we have a team of experts for lighting, writing, editing the video that helps us streamline our video production process and bring your ideas to fruition.

Save Time

We make use of advanced equipment, the latest technology, and new and improved techniques to get the job done quickly. This allows our clients to focus on their marketing efforts and devote their time to creating meaningful relationships with their customers.

Flexible Video Services

We provide flexible video services and ensure that we’re creating the right video for our clients’ business goals and needs. Whether you’re looking for a training tutorial or a commercial for television, we’re here to help.
More than half of all online brand discovery occurs in social media feeds.
Here are some ways corporate video production services can help your business grow and generate leads:
Easy on the Eyes
There’s no denying that videos are easier to watch than reading a bunch of text. If they’re done correctly, they’re a lot more enjoyable for the viewers. Part of the reason why people love watching videos is that they require minimal effort. Reading, on the other hand, feels like a lot of work. Videos lead to a better understanding and help relay information faster.
Increased Brand Awareness
Video production combines interesting and colorful visuals with audio and simulates a digital experience that can easily captivate a viewer. They can help customers feel like they know how a product works before they’ve even bought it.

Videos are a powerful tool you can use to build your brand and gain recognition in your community. When you market your videos with images that can stick in your viewers’ memory, you’ll be able to bring your brand to life and increase awareness like never before. You can also add music to your videos to make them more captivating.

Excellent Opportunity for Call-to-Action
Your video marketing campaign will not be as effective if it doesn’t end with a powerful call-to-action. The content should be laid out in such a way that it directs the viewers to your website so they can learn more about your brand.

If your call-to-action is well-executed, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate. However, it’s important to note that sales pitches in videos don’t work well because, nowadays, people prefer doing their own research.

Search Engines Favor Videos
When you work with a professional company, your video strategy will be documented properly. You’ll also have embedded descriptions and tags that will lead to high rankings in search engines. Even if your small business is just starting out, you can still build a loyal following online with engaging videos.

Transcriptions are another excellent way to boost your ranking on search engines. If you post your content in both text and video formats, you’ll be able to increase your credibility as a health and fitness expert.

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Improved Engagement on Social Media
Investing in corporate video production services can also help increase your engagement on social media. You can also use social media to market your business and get in touch with your prospective customers. When your video marketing strategy is compelling and effective, you’ll be able to boost engagement on your posts.

Getting people to share your videos on social media will be like free advertising. Make sure your videos are packed full of relevant information and teach something new and interesting about health and fitness. This will get people to click on your videos and share them with their friends and family, helping increase your online following!

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Tips to Advertise Your Workout Videos Online And Increase Viewership

Workout videos require so much effort, and there’s a lot that goes into filming one. From creating the perfect setting to filming to editing, a single video can easily take up a few hours of your time before it’s ready to go online. 

Get in Touch with Our Team of Experts Today!
If you’re a small business looking for professional videos to increase brand awareness, our video production services are reliable and have everything you need. When you choose us, you’ll get a chance to work with talented and experienced specialists that are experts in their fields and know just how to create videos to build engagement.

Videos can help your customers get to know you better. Get in touch with our specialists today and see how we can work wonders for your digital marketing campaign!

Videos Can Help Increase Your Conversion Rates
Benefits of Working with a Professional Video Marketing Company
Here, at Margaux Agency, we offer many types of video production services for health and fitness centers. Whether you’re looking for product videos or animated videos, we have something for everyone!

We have what it takes to catch the attention of your target audience, help your business grow, and give you the results that you’re looking for! Let’s take a look at some benefits you can enjoy when you entrust your video marketing strategy to a professional marketing company:

Goal-oriented and captivating storytelling
High-quality equipment
Efficient video editing
Proactive approach
With the help of our professional-grade equipment, you can feel confident that your brand will gain traction in the health and fitness industry. From amazing filters for lighting to professional audio equipment, our corporate video production services will help you breathe life into your story.

“I would highly recommend any company to work with Margaux Agency.
Quotes Our team has recently partnered up with Margaux Agency on an event we were a part of that was very last minute. This was a huge opportunity for our company so we knew we had to get it right from all angles. We had a very tight turn around time to get marketing pieces together, a new web landing page, social media content, as well as designing our event space. ”

Jennifer Karsting, Co-Founder | ÉLEVÉ Health

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