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Social Media Marketing Services

Is Social Media Marketing a Must?

Social media networks allow you to connect with your customers, build brand awareness, and increase sales and leads. More than four billion users are using social media. Ignoring this marketing medium can lead to a loss of considerable revenue. 

More than 90% of millennials—who make up most of the fitness clientele—use social media. Also, note that:

50% of the global population uses social media.

The average social media use is around 3 hours per day.

73% of marketers have found social media to be "effective" or "very effective."

71% of customers who were happy with a company’s social media experience recommend the business to their family and friends.

More than 50% of social media users search their favorite products on it.

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Are you looking to improve your online presence?

Margaux Agency’s Social Media Marketing Services



Facebook is the leading social media platform. We can help you to generate improved results from advertising and marketing on Facebook. Our experts create and optimize your Facebook business page. We will also run effective Facebook Ads which will gain valuable information through Facebook Insights.


  • Optimize Pinterest profile, boards, and existing pins
  • Create pinnable images
  • Update accounts
  • Interact with your target audience
  • Invite contributors to your boards


Growing a social media following is a must these days, but unless you are Justin Bieber it’s going to take a lot of work. This is a social media growth service designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their brand and sales through Instagram, with minimal effort on your part.

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There are more than 150 million active users on Twitter and we can make sure that your gym can capitalize on them. We research your audience to figure out the best methods and place strategically selected keywords to target your Twitter audience. Learn what types of users follow your competitors and run remarketing campaigns that convert.


Target the key players—60 million senior executives and 40 million B2B decision-makers. Our experts develop LinkedIn marketing campaigns and write copy for your business page.

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Margaux Agency’s Social Media Marketing Process

Step One | Get a Dedicated Social Media Manager

Your brand promotion is assigned to an experienced and qualified social media manager. Daily communication is offered through email, video calls, or any collaboration tool of your choice.

Step Two | Create a Tailored Strategy

Our expert studies your fitness brand in detail, particularly your online reputation, competition, and past performance. They come up with a tailored SMM strategy. We also build sales funnel and advertising strategies for your social media campaigns.

Step Three | Build Content Calendar and Ads

After you approve our SMM strategy, we expedite the execution process. Our unique, original, and well-researched content will create a unique brand voice for your business, and our ads are going to make your customers think and act. For your convenience, we add all the content in a monthly content calendar so you can consider it and approve it accordingly.

Step Four | Enjoy Timely Maintenance

Our experts are responsible for daily management and growth optimization of your social media accounts. We check all your activity (messages, comments, and reviews) and make it a priority to respond within 24 hours. Our organic methods will drive your channels to reach a large number of interested users.

Step Five | View Monthly Insights

Your social media manager creates monthly reports so you can read and learn how Margaux Agency’s services attract more customers. Our reporting tool gives 24/7 insights to provide your campaign’s overview.


Navigating Social Media Marketing

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Create a Strategic Campaign That’ll Skyrocket Your Sales

Why Choose Margaux Agency for Social Media Marketing Services

Invest in health and fitness social media marketing with Margaux Agency today for a greater ROI tomorrow!

Brand Awareness

With the massive number of users logged in to their social media accounts, we tell your brand’s story and compel people to interact and take action. 

Lead Generation and Sales

The importance of social media in modern load generation and buying cycle is understated. Our blend of organic methods and paid techniques can expand your reach and collect more leads. 

Customer Insights

Our analytics and reporting tools generate a tremendous amount of data from your target audience. Learn who your biggest customers are, what do they want, how do they see your brand, what competitors are getting most of your leads, and other relevant details. 


Registering a social media profile is free. Without paid campaigns, we can apply a wide range of organic techniques to earn high ROIs. In this way, you can spend money on other channels.

Customer Experience

Social media has become a significant component of customer service. We interact with your customers, respond to their questions, resolve their complaints, and keep them engaged. 

Conversion Rates

Our efforts get your brands more opportunities .i.e. higher conversion rates. Studies indicate that social media is twice as good as outbound marketing when it comes to lead-to-close rate.

Do you want your customers to interact more with your brand?

Frequently Asked Questions


Which social profiles can you manage?

We can manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and for some, Pinterest. From one place, we can publish content to multiple social sites with the push of a button.

Will it guarantee sales and leads to our business?

No. Just like any type of advertising, Social Media can never guarantee any sure sales or customers. Once the content is posted on social networks, we can no longer control the decision of your potential customers. The most that we can do is target the right people at the right time. And the rest is upon their discretion.

Use our Twitter lead generation tool to find customers talking about your clients’ services, in their area. Set up searches for keywords related to your clients business, and watch the leads roll in.

Do I have access to the Social Media campaigns that you are going to create?

Yes. We offer transparency to assure that you are getting the right data and you can see the performance of the campaign anytime you want on our proprietary dashboard.

How much does social media marketing cost?

Our Social Media Marketing is offered in several different packages to fit the needs and budgets of all businesses. Our Social Media packages are based on monthly pricing. Packages with higher pricing will include more activities, but all of our packages include dedicated client support and full transparency into the work being performed. Our pricing sheet provides complete details on pricing and tasks included in each package.

How long are the contracts?

We offer initial contract terms of 3 months. After the initial contract term is complete, your account will be serviced on a month-to-month basis. You have the option to cancel at any time with a 30 day written or digital notice. After 30 days, we will cancel all services and return any information we have back to you.

I am hesitant to provide access to our Facebook account. How will you access the account then?

We do not require the username and password of your personal profile. We will simply request access to your Facebook page which doesn’t require us to get your credentials. In fact, logging into other users’ profiles is highly discouraged since this can cause the profile to be locked.

Service & Working Together

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram to promote a product or service. It involves creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Content could be simple text, graphics, videos, quotes, facts, humor, trivia, polls, etc.

Who should use social media marketing?

Businesses who want to improve their online presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram and show their products/services to those people who are looking for them. It improves your online presence and increases the chance of targeting the right customers at the right time.

What should I expect after I sign up?

Once you order is successfully placed, we will assign you an account manager within 24 business hours who will be your primary point of contact and will reach out to you. Next, we will launch the campaign and reach out weekly and monthly with updates on progress and any changes required to help improve performance.

Can I check all posts before they get published?

Yes, you will be able to see all the posts before publishing starts. You need to request revisions to the posts before the cycle starts and posts that are approved beyond their scheduled publishing date may not be published.

What if I need HELP? Do you offer support?

Yes, Yes, we offer email support via email. Response time during business hours is usually 24 hours or less. This can take longer if it’s outside of business hours.

Margaux Agency was an absolute joy to work with!

The ladies did a great job of knowing what we needed, clearly communicating their ideas to us, and executing a difficult project with a short turnaround time.”

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