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Orange County Design Agency

Northside Market | Huntington Beach, CA

Project Brief

We understand that right branding is just as crucial for a new business as an old one. As a result, when we got this project, our major aim was to create a brand identity that is differentiated from others. The project included complete rebranding, from designing a custom logo to making a well-designed business card. To attract more tourists towards Huntington beach, we embraced the concept of local promotional items like this branded T-shirt.

We believe that a recognizable and loved brand is the most valuable asset we put a lot of efforts in making all elements visible of this built local market in Huntington Beach. As we wanted to revive a business without troubling its actual soul, and we made changes considering them and the new Northside Market.


We aimed at preserving the vintage vibes of Huntington Beach merchandise from the 1970s. To achieve that, we picked a classic color palette and a distressed texture over hand-lettered typography. We created a custom logo and brand identity that helped them to stand out amongst competitors and grab their customer’s attention.  

We chose the colors and designs keeping all the aspects of the this newly established business in mind. We also identified who the customers for the brand are going to be and made our strategies accordingly.  As business card play an important role in growing business where you have to make deal man to man. Therefore, we designed a business card, which was quite easy to notice and which typeface is easily readable.  

For T-shirt designing, our professional designer delicately worked out on the theme, and the color selection. Consequently, we chose a theme to attract tourists around Huntington beach.


  • Custom logo + brand identity
  • Business cards
  • T-shirt concept design