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What Is Email Marketing?

Looking to get more traffic to your website and generate more revenue? Customizing and optimizing your email marketing strategy is one way to do it. With eye-catching templates and engaging content, you too can build engagement and generate more leads for your health and fitness center.

Here at Margaux Agency, we are a digital marketing agency that’s committed to helping you grow your business and expand your target audience. With new and revolutionary email features, we can help you ensure that your business stands out among your competitors.

73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.

In fact, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.

We provide a full-service portfolio of digital marketing services so you can increase brand awareness and elevate your online presence. With our help, you can feel confident that your marketing efforts will work in your favor.

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Four Core Principles of Our Email Marketing Services

Even though technology has changed drastically over the years, there’s one thing that has stood the test of time: using email as a form of communication. Email marketing happens to be an affordable way to expand your business and gain recognition.

Our email marketing services are based on the following core principles:



We understand that designing emails effectively has a lot to do with finding a balance between aesthetics and content. We will help ensure that your emails are simple, clean, and sophisticated.


Your emails should be meaningful and confident so your audience can feel a sense of connection with your brand. We’ll help keep your members around for a long time by sending out high-quality emails consistently.


Planning is crucial when it comes to building a cohesive email marketing strategy. We’ll help you plan out your emails in an email marketing calendar for your product launches, holidays, and other special occasions.


There’s no guarantee that your first-ever email campaign will provide the results you’re hoping for. We understand that it takes practice and persistence to refine your email marketing strategy. This is why we use several tactics such as A/B split testing to help your health and fitness business gain traction.

More than half of all online brand discovery occurs in social media feeds.

Build Better Community Engagement with Your Health and Fitness Newsletter

We understand that time is money for your health and fitness business. Instead of wasting your precious time on creating your newsletters and optimizing your emails, let us take care of them for you. This way, you can focus your efforts on providing high-quality services and keeping your members coming back to you.

Our email marketing services will help you get the most out of your fitness newsletters and encourage your members to stay committed to their fitness journey. Here’s how:


We can help you reach out to active and non-active members and get them to understand your brand better. Achieving fitness goals is physical as well as a personal journey. We know how to keep your customers feel involved every step of the way so they can look forward to your monthly newsletters.


Since most people go through their emails on their mobiles, your fitness newsletter should be responsive for mobile consumption. We’ll incorporate appealing visuals and embedded videos in your newsletters, so they are more accessible for mobile users.  

Getting Client Feedback

We’ll also link your newsletter to your social media accounts. This will allow you to gather client feedback and create an online community where members can get their questions and concerns heard. It’s a great way to get all kinds of insights and ensure that your subscribers are always satisfied with your services.

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Navigating Social Media Advertising

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Live-Streaming Fitness Classes

In light of COVID-19, business owners in the fitness industry are turning to social media to keep their business running. There’s no denying that COVID-19 has brought about a wave of certainty in many industries across the globe. It has definitely caused people to rethink how online marketing can be utilized to keep customers safely engaged and build a deeper connection with them remotely.

Five Digital Solutions That Can Help You Grow Your Fitness Business

Finding the right digital marketing strategy for your health and fitness club isn’t easy. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a rigorous process of figuring out what works for your target audience and what doesn’t. You need to take your brand values and personal skills into account before you can identify the right fitness marketing strategies.

Top 5 Ways to Market Your Fitness Business When Reopening

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has created many challenges for the fitness industry – gyms, studios, and health clubs in particular. The pandemic has encouraged business owners across the globe to find new ways to keep their customers engaged. If you own a health and fitness center, you may have had to close your doors to the public with no clear future for re-opening.  

The New 2020 SEO Formula for Fitness Centers & Gyms Brands

Here are five key factors that fitness centers and gym owners must consider to optimize their websites for better ranking in order to gain maximum visibility and attract a large number of customers.

Optimize Website & Maximize Conversions for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Fitness centers and gyms can gain a lot by establishing an online presence for themselves. But creating a website isn’t enough. You also need to optimize the website to maximize conversions. 

The Latest Search Trends for Fitness Studio Centers

As a fitness studio owner, you must keep a close eye on the latest search trends for fitness studio centers, as they provide valuable insights into your website’s performance. Search trends are popular search terms that users enter in Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other online platforms when looking up information online. The information on the latest trends can be used for creating effective online promotional activities. 

Fitness Studio Digital Marketing – 5 Tips from the Experts

With people becoming more health-conscious in the last decade, there has been a considerable rise in the number of fitness centers. As a result, your fitness studio digital marketing should be comprehensive enough to attract customers and generate revenue. Especially as businesses begin to re-open and safely operate after COVID-19, fitness studio digital marketing is an extremely effective way to promote your business to your target market and make a mark for your fitness studio in a competitive industry. 

What The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Market Means For Marketers

Wondering how COVID-19 has affected the global market? Here’s how coronavirus has impacted the global market and the best way in which you can deal with it.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Now that we’re living in a fully virtual business world courtesy of COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your email marketing strategy. Email lists can be a daunting task, you may be thinking: How do I get people to subscribe? If you’re interested in elevating your email marketing game, keep reading!

Want to learn more about how we can help you create the best email marketing campaign? Contact our team of experts now and see the magic unfold!

A Fitness Newsletter Can Change the Game for Your Business

In today’s world, it simply isn’t enough to have flashy treadmills and provide quality comfort to keep your members coming back to your health and fitness club. You also need to provide them with useful information that can help them along their fitness journey. Starting an email newsletter is your best bet for keeping your subscribers loyal to your business.

With our amazing health and fitness newsletter ideas, you can provide the best fitness trends and news to your members in one email. This is a great way to add value to the lives of your audience and take care of any questions and concerns they have about fitness. If you want your members to listen to what you have in store for, it can’t get any easier than sending them a newsletter every month!

Keeping in touch with your active and less active members is necessary because it allows you to maintain club engagement. You need to tell your prospective customers about your business and keep them updated about your services and events to gain their trust.

Add retargeting pixels to your website & connect with recent site visitors.

Make the Most of Advanced Email Marketing Tools

There’s no denying that sales are the main focus of marketing. Our team of experts focuses on different types of email templates and styles to achieve favorable results for your business. This involves increasing your brand awareness and visibility and showing your prospective customers why your fitness center is unique.

Email marketing is all about keeping in touch with your subscribers and providing them regular updates about the latest developments about your business, so they won’t forget about you. With the help of new and improved email marketing tools, we will ensure that your members understand how your brand adds value to their lives and provides a complete solution for their fitness needs and goals.

Our primary goal is to make sure your members stay loyal to you for life and connect with your business on a more profound level.

“I would highly recommend any company to work with Margaux Agency.

Our team has recently partnered up with Margaux Agency on an event we were a part of that was very last minute. This was a huge opportunity for our company so we knew we had to get it right from all angles. We had a very tight turn around time to get marketing pieces together, a new web landing page, social media content, as well as designing our event space. ”

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