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Everything has changed.
It’s time we changed the way we work too.

Ten years ago, online marketing was an afterthought for entrepreneurs. Today, it’s the most important aspect to grow your business. With the ever-changing digital technology, social media and instant access to almost anything, your clients are online too. The need for marketing to connect strategically, emotionally and honestly is more crucial than ever.

The Margaux Agency offers complete, lifestyle-focused branding and digital marketing packages. We are reinventing the way entrepreneurs market themselves today.

The Margaux Agency | est. 2015

Founded by Monica Garrett with the mission to create modern websites + strategic visual brand identity for companies, it has since gained a clear focus. Now, the Margaux [pronounced mAAr-goh] Agency is a modern branding agency for 1–3 person service based businesses. The name, Margaux, is an homage to Monica’s daughter, Gianna Margaux. The Margaux Agency aesthetic can be described as sophisticated, smart and well-designed. Each design holds true to these elements + is tailored for each client in mind.

Monica is the woman behind the brand. Skills wise: She’s a graphic designer by trade. She has won several awards for graphic design + has been recognized in magazines nationwide. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Real Simple and O Magazine. She has also been featured in several international design annuals along with package + product designs that were found in stores nationwide.

Monica Gar r et t

Founder + CEO

The Margaux Agency isn’t Monica Garrett’s first creation. Actually, it currently forms the third stoke of the trifocal lens with which she looks at this world! Her passion for her work, an eye for detail, and a deep understanding of the industry are the secrets to the success of her agency. Monica understands the fleeting nature of any approach dominating her field at any given moment. Staying relevant for her thus means adopting that approach but giving it her own unique twist.

Passionately, she believes branding is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Companies, businesses, and even entrepreneurs are making use of branding in some way or another. The need for a branded identity must occupy the key position in the strategy to success. With Monica at the wheel, the Margaux Agency offers that and much more. You can expect quick, streamlined, and simplified solutions that also showcase the uniqueness of your brand. She uncovers and captures the distinctive quality that sets her clients apart from others. That is why Monica insists on an initial Discovery Session before taking on any project. In these meetings, questions are posed, interviews carried out, and research is done for a complete idea of the client’s current identity and online presence.

The agency has made it its mission to always be a trailblazer when it comes to technological advancements in their field. Their branding approach starts with discovering its story, what it provides to its customers, and then focus on what makes it unique. The final product is designed to display that unique brand identity to the max. The client – and their customers – is in for a swoon-worthy outcome that makes hearts skip a beat!

The deep thinking mind and creative force behind Margaux, Monica, counts her environment as the biggest source of inspiration. According to her, even the leaders in the fashion and interior design industries are affected by their ambiance. That is why it seems logical to observe the patterns or textures found in nature. On discovering something eye-catching, Ms. Garrett envisions its translation into a design. A genuine love for exploring color combinations and styled details do the rest!

Five years down the road, Monica plans to have written a book (or five) on the tools of the trade. She visualizes her agency reaching the zeniths of success. Her vote is on the awesome culture and team that makes the Margaux Agency a strong contender to any competitor. Monica wants to harness her agency’s talents and skills to help businesses grow and be recognized. When she isn’t dominating her industry with her agency, she can be found spending time with her daughter or day-tripping with her husband.

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Laura Saltiban

Laura Saltiban

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Shalini M.

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Lauren Provence

Social Media Manager

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Chelsea Gorre

UX/UI Strategy Designer


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