001: Intro to Modern Entrepreneurs with Monica Garrett: Business | Entrepreneur | Girl Boss

I’m super excited that I finally got one episode under my belt! It’s live on iTunes so you could find it by searching Modern Entrepreneurs. But, for now, I want to share with you my first episode. It’s a fairly quick look at my story and what I hope to do with the podcast. Take a listen, leave a comment, and please, subscribe!


For future episodes, I will be interviewing other modern entrepreneurs and having conversations about what it’s like being a girl boss, the trials + tribulations, lifestyles of entrepreneurs + everything in between. I will be providing a video recording of the podcast as well, which will be available to Flock subscribers exclusively. Another great bonus for those that sign up!


For every episode, I will include show notes in a blog post.



Modern Entrepreneurs with Monica Garrett Podcast: Episode 001 Introduction to Modern Entrepreneurs with Monica Garrett: Business | Entrepreneur | Girl Boss


Summary: In this first episode of Modern Entrepreneurs with Monica Garrett, I introduce myself and tell my story of being an entrepreneur and what I plan to share with you by interviewing other entrepreneurs and talk about what it’s like being a girl boss.






Items Mentioned in this Podcast:
Check out my first dream job with the company Knock Knock. I learned so much. I graduated from California State University, Long Beach.


In this particular episode, you will learn: I talk briefly about my graphic design career and my journey into being an entrepreneur. What this podcast will be about & more to come.




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